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How to choose your dream vacation destination in Gran Canaria?

For the loving sand and azure waters of the ocean and the sun we recommend only south and once again south of Gran Canaria. Even if we know that the north is much prettier and richer in vegetation and amazing terrain, even if we know it's possible to go there in some little bay and relax.
Why? North must be see but only as a short trips. Gran Canaria is not without a reason called the continent in a nutshell. In the autumn or the winter the climate of the north is completely different than the climate in the south. In the south, the sun is almost always shining and there is very warm, although temperatures range from 24ºC to as much as 40ºC in the summer. Almost no rain.
By contrast, north is a completely different matter. It is almost always cloudy and it is very rainy. What has advantages because the vegetation in some places is as rich as in the tropical forest, the villages look like some beautiful green idyllic land. The temperature is always lower than the temperature in the south by some 2-3ºC. In the summer is a little better but unfortunately very often happens that the same day in the south is beautiful sun and in the north it rains and it is bulky and ugly. In the south you have almost guaranteed perfect weather for your dream vacation.

For example, your holiday in the north may look like this. Pictures were made in February during the Las Palmas carnival:


 Canteras beach in Las Palmas promenade in very dark day with a lot of clouds and windy day

Las Palmas in dark day with dark clouds and black ocean and sandy beach Canteras

North Gran Canaria in bed weather with dark clouds and rain on the road


What towns do you have to choose in southern Gran Canaria?
We will start with Bahia Feliz with a beautiful stone-sandy beach. Most of the hotels or apartments are located very close to the beach so you can have a view of the ocean from the window but there are not too many shops or bars and restaurants. It's a cool place to relax without the excess of tourist commerce.

stone beach in Bahia Feliz in Gran Canaria with small stone bays

Next interesting place is San Agustin where we have beautiful long sandy beach. The ocean is sometimes a little stormy, so there are waves. Choosing a location is a bit more difficult here. As always you have to read good deals of offers because you can rent an apartment very far to the beach and without ocean view. San Agustin is a little mountainous. There are a fantastic apartments on the slopes with amazing views but a little far from the beach and are separated from the beach by a rather busy road. San Agustin has a large shopping center and plenty of restaurants and bars. 

sandy beach in San Agustin in Gran Canaria with landscape for mountain in San Agustin

The good location in the south is Maspalomas and most popular place for tourists. Maspalomas is one of the largest cities in the south and how the city has districts where the tourists live and has districts where the locals live.The worst thing here is a view of the huge blocks of large hotels. Do not fit into this beautiful place. Architecture of the city is terrible. The worst part is Playa del Ingles where high hotels and high buildings of apartment are located next to each other.

view on Playa del Ingles in Maspalomas Gran Canaria with tall buildings of hotels

It is very hard to find here a holiday place with a beautiful view at a good price, of course. Most of the location is far from the beach and you have to go through this busy city. There are also neighborhoods like Sonnenland or Campo Internacional, which offer mostly bungalows in a quiet part of town and there are not big hotels only bungalows. Of course, not many have ocean views, but it is very quiet and peaceful here. To the beach from Sonneland is about 2-3 km and from Campo Internacional about 1-2 km. There is also a district called Meloneras, where the most expensive hotels are located. This is the most expensive place in Maspalomas. Lots of shops, bars, restaurants. Meloneras beach is connected to the beaches of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles because it is really one long beach with sand dunes in the back.

Generally here in Maspalomas is the main tourist center, here are the most shopping centers and here are all the big parties like Carnival or all kinds of concerts and shows. Nightlife takes place mostly in a big center called Jumbo but also in various pubs and centers throughout the city. We are not sure if Maspalomas is the perfect place for a holiday in Gran Canaria. Everything depends on what we are looking for ....

Playa del Ingles view and beach

beach Playa del Ingles with a lot of sand and view of the mountain and hotels in Canary Islands

Beach Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria Canary Islands with view of ocean and people on the beach

View from Sonneland area in Maspalomas from one of apartments.

View on Maspalomas and ocean from apartment white houses and a lot of green plants and palms

Other towns like Arguineguin, Patalavaca are worth a visit. These are small tourist resorts. Arguineguin is a much bigger city where many locals and residents live apart from tourists. Arguineguin has in our opinion quite ugly beaches with dark sand and rocky coastline.
Just behind Arguineguin is Palalavaca where is one of the most beautiful beaches. Patalavaca is a tourist resort, a few shops and plenty of bars and restaurants. Very nice place located among the hills. The distance from hotels or apartments to the beach is not long but tiring because it is a mountainous area. Anfi beach is delightful. We recommend this place very much.

 view on Arguineguin and Patalavaca in Gran Canaria with rocks, ocean and withe buildings

View on seaside in Patalavaca in Gran Canaria in Canary Islands with blue ocean and wall with scales

White Beach Anfi del Mar in Gran Canaria with sunbeds, umbrellas, people and big hotel

Next to the south is a beautiful town called Puero Rico. Apartments are located on the slopes of the mountains. They create an amazing looking cascade. The town is typically touristy, there is everything here.
Lovely beach, beautiful mountain landscape, turquoise ocean water, sandy nice beach with calm ocean water. The only downside is that you can land somewhere high in some apartment. Although beautiful view, but daily trip to the beach can be very tiring, the slopes are quite steep ... For lazy are always available taxis. The distance is small but uphill. You have all sorts of shops with prices much higher than in the normal part of the island (not for tourists). A place worth considering for a vacation.

Puerto Rico sandy beach with white cascade apartments back on hill

Town Puerto Rico with view of cascade buildings and green jardin in front in Gran Canaria

Stone canal in Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria with panorama the town in Canary

Puero Rico view on the beach and hill with white cascade apartments

Tauro is behind Puerto Rico. Just like Puerto Rico is hidden between two mountains in the valley. It's much more smaller than Puero Rico. The beach is sandy with gray sand. A beautiful new yellow sand beach was built here, but it was closed because it did not meet standards. There are not many shops, bars. You may feel a bit isolated from the tourist bustle. Well, unfortunately, everywhere is far ... You can of course take a taxis, buses but you are still isolated.

Gray beach in Tauro with view on blue bay with stone hill and white hotel

Panorama Tauro with blue bay and buildings of hotels and two beaches with yellow and gray sand Gran Canaria Canary

View on Tauro in Gran Canaria with blue bay and withe apartments on hill


Taurito located behind Tauro. A tiny town with a few shops and restaurants and a cascade of apartments on the hill and it has a nice water park for everyone. The beach is small and with gray sand. The bay is lovely with a nice view of the surrounding mountains. Peace and quiet. . . and far from the tourist bustle.

Taurito beach with gray sand, palms and view on stone coast.

Turito water park and view on hills with apartments in Gran Canaria

Taurito water park with palms, pools, blue water in Gran Canaria


And the Mogan summit. About Mogan we will be write in the next articles. A charming little town called Venice of Gran Canaria. Low building, white old town with characteristic  architecture here. Beautiful harbor where you can see floating fish in clear water or swim on a sea excursion. White stone houses are covered with colorful flower vines. The apartments are different here, one on the ocean, the other in the depths of the town. As in Venice we have loads of reputable shops, plenty of bars and restaurants. The town is very lively, there are many concerts and all sorts of other attractions for all. The beach is nice and sandy. The ocean is calm here. This is a good place for those seeking peace, but only when there is not any party here. Mogan is at the end of the world and at the end of all the things that this beautiful island offers us. Unfortunately, this place is far from everywhere.

view from Mogan harbor on Mogan village with white houses and mountain around in Gran Canaria Island

harbor in Mogan in Gran Canaria with azure water and sailboat

promenade in Mogan with people and restaurants, bars, palms

Mogan as a Venice with canals and a lot of flowers in Gran Canaria in Canary Islands

Beach in Mogan harbor in Gran Canaria, almost withe sand and azure water with view of rocky coast

Beach in Mogan Gran Canaria Island with sandy coast and panorama harbor and hill with white apartments

We hope to help you to choose the perfect place for your unforgettable holiday in Gran Canaria. We show Gran Canaria as it really is...

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